About this blog

A place for meteorology analysis, discussion, and observation.  Why?  Because weather is cool.  Enough said.

Who am I?  I am a meteorologist and forecaster with a B.S. degree in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of North Dakota.  I love all aspects of weather, but I have a special affinity towards mid-latitude weather (hence the blog name) and mountain meteorology (hence the header photograph).  Baroclinic Instability is good for the soul.

The opinions and thoughts expressed in my posts and personal websites are my own, and may differ markedly from those of the NWS, NOAA, DOC or the United States Federal Government.”


2 responses to “About this blog

  • Tabea

    Hi! One of the best weather blogs I’ve encountered so far and love reading it as mid-latitude weather is of special interest along with anything that goes on in the mountains.
    I just got my BSc in Atmospheric Science and will be writing a meteorologist entrance exam soon. The blog has been a good way to learn more about weather chart analysis, the ‘joys’ of model verification and the never ending list of things that have to be considered when making a forecast…a proper forecast that requires the skills and experience!
    Thanks and keep up the writing!

    • jason ahsenmacher

      Thank-you! Glad you like the contents. I hope to keep it updated more often with all sorts of content–but I do want to focus on more forecasting related material. Good luck on your entrance exam material 🙂

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